Classes for 3's and 4's

Christian Center Preschool

The Cordova Community Christian Center Preschool offers affordable classes to three, four and five year olds. Three year olds attend on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings while the older children go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. 

Through the dedicated service of our lead teacher Kimmi and her assistant Heather, the Preschool program provides a structured curriculum with activities in language arts, math and science as well as Bible stories and music. It is designed to prepare the students for kindergarten.

Our Preschool has been blessed to build a legacy of caring and faithfulness through the years to families in Cordova.

Looking to Join?

If you are interested in inquiring about openings in our Preschool classrooms, please reach out to our Director, Susan Harding at (907)429-5294!